July 26, 2016

A Roadmap to Better Assessments

After years of opt-outs and complaints about standardized testing, states now have an opportunity to pilot and scale better assessment systems that capture meaningful information about student learning so stakeholders can improve teaching and learning in real-time.

This opportunity, the Innovative Assessment and Accountability Demonstration Authority authorized in the newly-enacted Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) will give states an opportunity to pilot and scale next generation assessment systems so we can all learn more about what is possible if we push the envelope on traditional approaches to assessment.

While the long-term benefits of this opportunity are significant, it will require states to put in a lot of time, hard work, and resources to build a system that is better than what they have today. Many states have expressed an interest in this opportunity, but they often feel overwhelmed when they consider the long list of application requirements. Fortunately, no state has to do this alone.

KnowledgeWorks and the Center for Assessment launched a new web resource at www.innovativeassessments.org to support states as they begin to prepare for this incredible opportunity. The digital resource identifies seven State Readiness Conditions that are essential to a successful application and implementation process. States can already access detailed briefs on three of those issues with the remaining four to be released over the course of the Summer and early Fall. These briefs include key design considerations, important questions for state and local leaders, and rich state examples that will help policymakers engage in a thoughtful planning and design process.

Here’s the list of the seven State Readiness Conditions for the Innovative Assessment and Accountability Demonstration Authority. Sign up here  (in the right column) to receive updates from KnowledgeWorks and the Center for Assessment on this project including release of the remaining briefs and key updates on the federal opportunity.

Visit www.innovativeassessments.org for more information.

Lillian Pace

Written by: Lillian Pace

Lillian Pace is the Senior Director of National Policy with KnowledgeWorks.

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