See a top ten list of the virtues of early college high school, as compiled by KnowledgeWorks early college high school technical assistance coaches.

Early College: Where Success Meets Opportunity

Guest post by Andrea Mulkey

At our annual coaching camp, a chance for all of our technical assistance coaches to gather, regroup and renew best practices for early college high school, we tried to answer the question: What are three characteristics / virtues of early college high schools?

The short answer is that you can’t put thirty of the greatest champions of early college high school in the country in a room together and expect them to have only three answers! So instead of three, here are our top ten, in no particular order.

  1. Early college creates access for students as well as the wrap-around supports for those students
  2. Early college high schools are designed to help first-generation college-goers succeed
  3. Early college high schools create a community of learners who take the journey together
  4. An early college high school raises the bar for students, which sets the expectation for success throughout the rest of a student’s life
  5. Early college high school is where preparation meets opportunity so that students can really succeed
  6. Students get choices in their lives as a result of early college high school
  7. Early college high school creates a culture of “I Can” with the help of adults who are committed to the success of the whole person
  8. Attending early college high school develops resilience
  9. Early college high schools create a culture where it’s safe to fail forward
  10. There is no cost to students and their families to attend early college high school – for courses, textbooks or materials

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