Three KnowledgeWorks early college high schools were honored today by the Ohio Department of Education as both Schools of Promise and High Performing Schools of Honor.

High State Honors for Three KnowledgeWorks Early College High Schools

The Ohio Department of Education recognized 29 schools across the state today “for maintaining high academic achievement among their students, including many from economically disadvantaged circumstances that can make learning difficult.”

There were 22 Schools of Promise and 14 High Performing Schools of Honor.  Toledo Early College High School, Youngstown Early College and Akron Early College High School made both lists – and it’s not the first time they have received the honor.

“Even as expectations rise, these communities continue to beat the odds,” said Dr. Lonny J. Rivera, interim state superintendent of public instruction. “Students of every background and ability level deserve the opportunity to succeed, and I’m especially proud of the difference these schools are making in the lives of Ohio’s students.”

Among the criteria schools had to meet to receive these honors include:

  • Serve at least 40% economically disadvantaged students.
  • Score an Ohio School Report Card grade of A or B on its Annual Measurable Objective, to narrow performance gaps between student groups.
  • Receive an Ohio School Report Card A or B on student learning progress through the school year and a grade of A or B on high school graduation rate, if it is a high school.
  • Have 80% of all subgroups, including racial and ethnic, economically disadvantaged, students with disabilities and English language learners who are Proficient.
  • Receive an Ohio School Report Card A or B on student learning progress through the school year and a combined five-year graduation rate of 93% or higher, if it is a high school.

Congratulations to all of the schools honored by the Ohio Department of Education. This is much-deserved recognition!

Read more from the Ohio Department of Education.

Guest post by Deborah Howard, former Senior Director of Operations for KnowledgeWorks.

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