Helping Students Get College-Ready with Early College High School

A lot of what determines success in college are soft skills. Time and task management. Working collaboratively. Knowing when and how to ask for help. These aren’t skills that are taught in a book, but they are taught in early college high schools.

When asked how early college high school gets students ready for college, Dara Savage, an English Teacher at at ECHS at Delaware State University, pointed to these soft skills as a major benefit of early college.

“Early college is about teaching [the students] how to navigate through the culture of college,” said Valerie Smith, the Program Coordinator for Schenectady Smart Scholars.

The skills both Savage and Smith are speaking of are critical to the early college high school model. It’s why many early colleges are located right on a college campus, where students get first-hand experience of college college culture and can face the challenges of college head-on, while still having the support system of their high school to fall back on.

See more about what Savage and Smith had to say about early college high schools preparing students for college:

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