March 11, 2016

Three Early College High Schools Ranked Among Best 25 Schools in Ohio

Akron Early College High School, Toledo Early College High School and Youngstown Early College were all ranked among Ohio’s 25 top performing high schools, according to recently released Ohio report cards.

This was the first year where states administered next generation assessments. In addition, the minimum test score needed for students to be deemed “proficient” was raised. The end results is that many school rankings fell.

These tests are not without controversy. Many school leaders feel that the tests do no accurately reflect the student performance and progress. In addition, Ohio students were given the option to opt out of testing, which means not all students are represented in the data. The test given last year (this year’s data) is already in the process of being replaced by one from the American Institutes for Research.

Bearing in mind this controversy over testing, some schools still performed very well. Three of the top 25 schools were early college high schools with whom KnowledgeWorks has or does partner!

  • Akron Early College High School ranked fourth in the state
  • Toledo Early College High School ranked eighth in the state
  • Youngstown Early College ranked twelfth in the state

The report from the Thomas B. Fordham Institute examines the challenges facing education throughout Ohio. “How many students have the opportunity to attend such schools?” asks report authors. “A fair number of students do attend schools that are accelerating student growth (high value added), but many more enroll in schools that provide little to no growth beyond the norm.”

How can we take examples of what’s working, like at early colleges in Akron, Toledo and Youngstown, and expand those opportunities to more students across the state?

Read the complete report from The Thomas B. Fordham Institute.

Kate Westrich

Written by: Kate Westrich

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