Dr. Roy Church: Paving the way for Early College Success in Lorain #ECWeek16

Dr. Roy Church’s leadership as President of Lorain County Community College, and his partnering with Lorain County Early College High School, has been a key factor in the high school’s impressive 100 percent graduation rate.

All students not only graduate with a high school diploma, but also an associate degree.

Roy’s leadership at Lorain County Community College helped KnowledgeWorks develop a stronger fiscal model to replicate and scale early college high schools in Ohio and nationally.

“While I appreciate the recognition as the champion of early colleges, the true recognition goes to: our school district partners, who took the risk to try something new and continue to support this essential program, and to the early college high school teachers, who are advisers, counselors, mentors and educators, pushing students to their greatest potential,” Roy said. “But most of all, it goes to the students and their families, who are willing to work so hard to sacrifice so much to have a better life.”

In March 2016 Dr. Roy Church was honored with a Champion of Early College High School Award by KnowledgeWorks. Watch his acceptance speech here:

Debbie Howard

Written by: Debbie Howard

Deborah Howard, Senior Director of Operations, leads KnowledgeWorks' research and development work, concentrating on product design and innovation, evaluation and quality control. She blends her unique knowledge and experience in the field of education, non-profit and corporate sectors to help transform public education.

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