February 16, 2016

Museums Can Star in a Vibrant Future of Education


With their many assets and educational expertise, museums have the potential to play a starring role in making the future of education vibrant. Already, we’re seeing them make key contributions to expanding learning ecosystems through city-wide networks such as Remake Learning in Pittsburgh, Surge Columbus, and Hive Chicago; through advocacy and education efforts such as the Columbus Museum of Art’s upcoming Creativity Summit; and through a growing number of museum-based schools.

The Center for the Future of Museums at the American Alliance of Museums keeps an eye on many such signals of change and is looking to deepen its efforts to help build the future of education by hiring a fellow. It is currently inviting applications for the Ford W. Bell Fellowship for Museums & P-12 Education. The Ford Fellow will help the Alliance build the next era of learning – one in which museums play a starring role – by spending two years working with museums, educators, schools, futurists and learners to:

    1. Spread the Word (compiling and sharing information needed to guide planning and decision making by museums, educators and learners)
    2. Disrupt Conventional Dialogue (promoting ideas that disrupt conventional thinking about education and expanding our conception of the educational landscape)
    3. Create Systemic Change (instigating innovative experiments that could increase the role museums play in education.

More information on the fellowship and the application process, along with great resources on the potential for museums to shape the future of education, are available on their site and from a CFM blog post describing the search.

While you’re at it, check out a contribution to their future fiction challenge from KnowledgeWorks’ own Katie King, in which a future Museum of Social Movements plays an engrossing role in one student’s customized learning playlist.

Katherine Prince

Written by: Katherine Prince

Katherine Prince is the Senior Director of Strategic Foresight at KnowledgeWorks. She is excited about the future of learning, transformative leadership, and building resilient solutions for a sustainable world.

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