Tyler Maben's experience at Lorain County Early College High School wasn't without challenges, but now he believes in himself.

“I’ll accomplish whatever I put my mind to.”

by Guest Post

Tyler Maben is a 2012 graduate of Lorain County Early College High School. We checked in with her to see what she’s up to now!

After graduating from Lorain County Early College High School in 2012 with my High School Diploma and Associate of Arts Degree, I went straight to the University of Toledo. During that time, I became overwhelmed by the amount of work and the new environment. As a result, I fell behind in my classes. But, after learning my lesson by receiving academic probation, I made a change for the better!

After taking a semester off of school, I realized that I needed to make my last few semesters the best! I will be graduating on December 19, 2015 with my Bachelors of Science with a focus in Health Care Administration. I want to pursue a career in a Nursing Home.

I’ve realized that through all of the struggles, that if I believe in myself, I’ll accomplish whatever I put my mind to.

Written by: Guest Post

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