Brittany Pirl is a graduate of Lorain County Early College High School and pursuing a career in medicine.

From Lorain County Early College High School to a Career in Medicine

My name is Brittany Pirl and I graduated from the Lorain County Early College High School (LCECHS) in May 2013 with my Associate of Arts degree. After graduating from LCECHS, I made it to the University of Toledo where I decided that I wanted to study pharmaceutical science. After two years at the University of Toledo, I was accepted into the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science’s Bachelor of Science and Pharmaceutical Sciences professional program alongside about 36 other students.

On August 20, 2015, I actually received a white coat from the University to commemorate the fact that I was accepted into the professional division of my program.

I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree with a focus on Pharmacology and Toxicology and minors in Chemistry and Biology. I am actually set to graduate one semester early!

I am planning on continuing my education through either graduate school, in which I would be studying Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics or through going into a Physician’s Assistant program as my knowledge of medications and how they’d affect the body would put me ahead a bit. Either way, I know my options are very open and I’m looking forward to what my future holds for me.

Guest post by Brittany Pirl, a 2013 graduate of Lorain County Early College High School.

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