February 27, 2015

Moving Personalized Learning out of “Pilot Phase”

Guest post by Mary Tighe

Broadly speaking, personalized learning is stuck in the school pilot phase. There are countless examples of personalized learning environments, models and schools from coast to coast. But how do we reach a level of scale that provides these environments for all students?

Yesterday, Jesse Moyer shared his thoughts with Personalize Learning, a blog founded on the idea that personalizing learning is the key design element to transform learning. For more than two decades, the team at Personalize Learning has worked toward empowering every learner to support and direct his or her own learning.

Jesse specifically discusses KnowledgeWorks’ District Conditions for Scale, which was developed based on an extensive listening tour with school and district leaders who are leading personalized learning movements and scaling success.

Read Jesse’s complete post on Personalize Learning, “Scaling Personalize Learning.”

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