February 25, 2014

Education Key Topic in Ohio State of the State Address

Governor John Kasich delivered his State of the State of Ohio speech last night in Medina, Ohio with several policy initiatives aimed at education (and a couple hinting at elements of competency education and early college)

  • Creating alternative pathways through vocational schools for students at high risk of dropping out
  • Field testing using two year colleges to create credentialing program and high school diploma alternatives
  • Using $10 million in casino receipts to create $3 match community based mentoring programs
  • Online career road maps that will launch in the spring so students will know what in-demand jobs exist in the state
  • Raising standards for publicly funded early childhood education
  • State funding for colleges and universities based on graduation, not enrollment
  • A new effort to provide college and career credits to veterans for training and experience received in the Armed Forces.

Read the full text of the Governor’s speech here.

Guest post by Jeanne Bernish

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