Competency Education Webinar Series

I am a little late on this but I wanted to get the information out there.  On June 24, the American Youth Policy Forum, one of the organizations behind CompetencyWorks, hosted the first in a series of webinars on competency education, this one exploring the implications of state policy.  Panelists included:

  • Dr. Joe Harris, College and Career Readiness Success Center
  • Kate Nielsen, National Governors Association
  • Diane Smith, Oregon Business Education Compact
  • Sandra Dop, Iowa Department of Education
  • Carissa Miller, Council of Chief State School Officers

AYPFEach panelist outlined what their organization is doing to advance competency education.  Kate Nielsen mentioned the technical assistance grants the NGA awarded to New Hampshire, Kentucky and Pennsylvania; the policy audit the group is currently working through, and the competency education expert roundtable they recently convened.  Both of the state representatives on the call, Diane Smith from Oregon and Sandra Dop from Iowa, gave a brief history of competency education in their states and outlined the current work happening within their borders.  Diane discussed the pilots the BEC has funded along with professional development her organization provides.  Sandra talked about the Iowa Competency Education Task Force and their ongoing activities.  You can download the task force’s preliminary report from the Iowa DOE website.  Diane and Sandra also took questions about the role student assessment, the Common Core State Standards, online and blended learning play in competency education.  Lastly, Carissa Miller, from CCSSO, talked about the work of the Innovation Lab Network.

If you’re at all interested in competency-based education and want to hear from people who are leading this movement, I would suggest taking the time to watch the webinar.

On July 16, AYPF is hosting the second webinar in the series, Promising Practices and Considerations for Districts in Competency-Based Education.  If the district discussion is as good as the state policy discussion, it will be worth your time.

Jesse Moyer

Written by: Jesse Moyer

Jesse Moyer is the Senior Director, School Development with KnowledgeWorks. He is a believer in public education working and passionate about family, sports and fishing.

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