May 3, 2013

Competency-Based Education Questions

Guest post by Byron McCauley

A policy paper written by KnowledgeWorks Senior Director of National Policy Lillian Pace was highlighted on the MindShift blog which covers national innovation in education. Katrina Schwartz reviews Pace’s An Emerging Federal Role for Competency Education  in her blog post this week titled, “Report: Federal Rules Impede Competency-Based Learning.”

Schwartz writes:

The KnowledgeWorks report doesn’t give a smoking-gun solution for the various problems it raises. Instead, the group intends to continue investigating how federal policies could encourage competency-based learning by studying the effects of the few programs the government has decided to fund in this area. The organization also plans to pull together best practices from states moving ahead despite the challenges and to figure out how competency-based education could be assessed in a more comparative way.

MindShift is curated by long-time education writer and editor Tina Barseghian and is a product of San Francisco-based KQED public radio.

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