February 6, 2013

One solution to reduce school closures in most needy communities

by Guest Post

Guest post by Byron McCauley

KnowledgeWorks Vice President of National Advocacy and Partnerships Matt Williams has joined the Education Experts blog of Washington-based National Journal.

In his inaugural blog post today, Williams penned a robust piece that encourages school districts to institute a feeder system that will help improve learning and can eliminate the need to close underperforming schools in some communities.

A feeder pattern approach takes into account continuous improvement of all schools (including the vulnerable schools on the cusp of the lowest five percent list) in a feeder pattern not just those that are deemed the lowest performing schools to create a comprehensive system of interventions, recognitions, and aligned supports. This system will target resources strategically to improve the lowest performing schools as well as prevent the next tier of schools from falling farther behind.

Read Matt’s complete post on the National Journal Education Experts website.

Written by: Guest Post

Guest posts are provided by teachers, coaches, administrators and students working in or attending "World of Learning" schools. They are the unsung heroes of school change, our "boots on the ground" making 21st century learning happen every day.

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