Scaling Innovation to Cause Impact – Recommendations for a Second Term

The start of a second presidential term provides a key opportunity to scale innovative and evidence based practice in K-12 education across the United States.  KnowledgeWorks believes there are several efforts that President Obama and the U.S. Department of Education should accelerate in order to accomplish this. Throughout the rest of this week, Matt Williams and I will be introducing four key efforts contained in KnowledgeWorks’ federal transition memo Scaling Innovation to Cause Impact – Recommendations for a Second Term:

Recommendations for a Second Term

  • Competency-based learning divorces academic attainment from seat time and instead focuses in on whether a skill or knowledge is mastered through means such as personalized learning opportunities.
  • Scaling successful school turnaround models in order to close achievement gaps and ensure all children are college and career ready.
  • Better leveraging the time, expertise, and resources of organizations, businesses, and people that make up communities with the goal of achieving community and collective impact.
  • Developing and improving the capacity of state departments of education to respond to the challenges facing their schools and school districts.

Make sure to check back each day this week for more in-depth analysis of each of these areas and KnowledgeWorks’ recommendations for creating scale to drive innovation and deeper, sustainable impact.

Lillian Pace

Written by: Lillian Pace

Lillian Pace is the Senior Director of National Policy with KnowledgeWorks.

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