November 30, 2012

Reynoldsburg a Race to the Top Finalist

It’s always a great thing to see hard work and collaboration pay off. For the past many months, people from, Reynoldsburg City Schools District, Battelle Memorial Institute, KnowledgeWorks and Education Elements have been partnering to submit a proposal for a Race to the Top grant. While we still have to wait for the final award decisions, we can be happy knowing that Reynoldsburg City Schools District was recently named finalists for the grant.

“These finalists are setting the curve for the rest of the country with innovative plans to drive education reform in the classroom,” U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said in the announcement today.

The R3: Reynoldsburg Race to Results proposal is designed to personalize instruction by increasing choice for parents and students, deploying blended learning, creating an adaptive data analysis system and expanding college and real-world experiences for all students via a community-wide education partnership. Reynoldsburg aims for all students to graduate from high school with recognized credentials showing they are ready for a career, with significant college credits aligned with their postsecondary goals, or both. District Race to the Top Funds would support the design, development, implementation and expansion of:

  1. Choice: Families and students choose where / how / what they learn by selecting among high quality, interest-based schools and have some control over content and instructional delivery methods
  2. Blended Learning: Students progress at their own pace with personalized digital content, maximizing opportunities for highly individualized support and instruction from educators
  3. Adaptive Analytical Framework: Educators and families make better informed decisions using the power of sophisticated data analytical models commonly deployed by industries (e.g. national defense, health care)
  4. Partnership: Reduces costs and increases services inside and outside the school, expanding students’ opportunities for learn from and be supported by experts, organizations and businesses throughout the community

For those of us here at KnowledgeWorks, we’re excited for the opportunity to help Reynoldsburg expand upon the success they are already seeing in their first schools of choice. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for us to continue to partner with two of KnowledgeWorks’ other subsidiaries: Ohio Education Matters and Strive.

The other Ohio school districts among the finalists were the Cleveland Municipal School District and the Maysville Local School District near Zanesville in Eastern Ohio. The finalists were selected from 372 applications.

USDOE will select 15 to 25 to receive grants ranging from $5 million to $40 million. Grant awards are expected by December 31, 2012.

Guest post by Michele Timmons, a former Manager of Partnership Development and Technical Assistance Coach for KnowledgeWorks.

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One thought on “Reynoldsburg a Race to the Top Finalist

  1. Now that’s a school district that places its students first by proposing to recognize and support individual differences, and by having the vision, courage and leadership to do what it takes to make it happen – RttT-D funding or not. Bravo!

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