Toledo Early College High School Students Giving Back to Community

Early College High School Students Giving Back to Community

Seniors at Toledo Early College High School (TECHS), a KnowledgeWorks early college high school, are giving back to the community during their last year in high school. Fifty-five seniors at TECHS have pledged to donate 2,1013 hours of community service time. This equates to more than 36 hours per student, which is more than TECHS requires from its students.

Monika Perry, who is a senior at TECHS, is excited about the opportunity. “Everyone at TECHS knows what it is to accomplish academic goals,” she said. “This project is about harnessing that drive and applying it to taking an active role in the community, into making Toledo a better place to live.”

The types of volunteer projects are taking part in include working at a community garden, donating time to fundraising events and volunteering at locations like libraries, schools, food banks and nursing homes.

We’re excited to see the community involvement occurring at TECHS. Interacting with community members and volunteering will give students exposure to career opportunities, a chance to network and a way to give back.

Kate Westrich

Written by: Kate Westrich

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