Music, Cars and a Place to Be Watched in Detroit

Until recently, all of my experience with Detroit has been a few family reunions in Detroit suburbs and what I see and read in the media. At one point in time, my media-influenced view of Detroit centered around music and cars. For the past few years the news from up north has been more grim. When I found out I’d be in Detroit to help create some films, I was excited but a little anxious. What version of Detroit would I be seeing? Turns out, a little bit of everything.

I was in Detroit during the preview week for the 2012 Detroit Auto Show. I had the amazing opportunity to tour the Motown Museum. And I got to see a side Detroit that was anything but grim when I visited Central Collegiate Academy. The school administration, teachers and students welcomed us to their school and proudly showed us around. They were open about problems they were facing but also the successes they’ve been experiencing since KnowledgeWorks started partnering with Central Collegiate Academy. I got to watch students in their caps and gowns get senior pictures taken, students lay down tracks in a recording studio and tour the school’s cyber café.

Over and over we kept hearing that Central Collegiate Academy was a place to be watched because great things would be happening there. I have no doubt.

Listen to Crystal Jackson, an English Language Arts Teacher at Central Collegiate Academy, talk about her school’s partnership with KnowledgeWorks.

Kate Westrich

Written by: Kate Westrich

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