November 29, 2011

Strive’s efforts lauded in Ed Sector

by Guest Post

Guest post by Byron McCauley

The respected, D.C.-based education think-tank Ed Sector today released its long-awaited report on shared accountability, or collective impact, titled “Striving for Success: Shared Accountability and School Improvement.

For any community that is going through budget cuts, changes in academic standards, changing demographics and any number of issues that influence student achievement, you ought to read this report. The work of the Strive Partnership and the burgeoning Strive Network in Cincinnati, Newport and Covington is prominently mentioned in the piece.

Ed Sector and the authors of the report — Kelly Bathgate, Richard Lee Colvin, and Elena Silva –are to be commended for taking what is sometimes a complicated issue and making it plain so that communities all over the country can better learn how to tackle the growing challenges they now face.

In the 13-page report, the non-profit, non-partisan organization beautifully illustrates how a community pooled its resources, indentified what works best to increase student achievement, and got to work. Thankfully, the benefactors are the kids in our community — and increasingly in other communities — who will have a fighting chance for a more secure future.

Written by: Guest Post

Guest posts are provided by teachers, coaches, administrators and students working in or attending "World of Learning" schools. They are the unsung heroes of school change, our "boots on the ground" making 21st century learning happen every day.

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