A Federal Policy Agenda

Guest post by Byron McCauley

This week KnowledgeWorks published “Transforming a World of Learning: A Federal Policy Agenda,” to encourage local innovation by empowering education leaders to create systems that evolve with the needs of today’s learners. These recommendations, which aim to inform reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), reflect lessons learned by KnowledgeWorks as it partnered with hundreds of schools, districts and communities to bring innovative education reform to underperforming environments.

Matt Williams, senior director of national advocacy and partnerships at KnowledgeWorks, called on policymakers in Washington to act urgently on comprehensive education reform.

“These recommendations reflect the type of systemic change our education system needs to keep pace with the demands of today’s workforce,” Williams said. “We have invested in these ideas at KnowledgeWorks,’ and we have celebrated dramatic results. Now we hope Washington helps bring them to scale, empowering educators and communities to replicate environments where every student in the United States participates in next-generation learning.”

To download a free copy of the recommendations, visit: “Transforming a World of Learning: A Federal Policy Agenda,”

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