Early College High School Week: Celebrating Dual Enrollment

This week is Early College High School Week, celebrating dual enrollment opportunities. Since the Early College High School Initiative started in 2002, more than 250 early college high schools in 24 states around the US have been opened. We’re proud to be partners of that national movement in two states and have helped students dream bigger dreams for themselves.

We’ve watched many students, like Terrance Truitt, be the first in their family to go to college. When Terrance, who did well in grade school, entered Canton Early College High School, he was faced with rigorous curriculum and high expectations. Getting good grades was an uphill battle, but Terrance persisted. With the help of teachers and staff, Terrance graduated from Canton Early College High School with both a diploma and an associate’s degree from Stark State.

After graduation, Terrance entered the University of Cincinnati, with nearly two years worth of classes behind him. He’s scheduled to graduate college in 2012 and then plans to move on to law school.

When we partner with schools to implement early college high schools, we ensure the success of students in higher education by:

  • Motivating students to pursue higher education
  • Making higher education more accessible, affordable and attractive by bridging the divide between high school and college in a physical place
  • Providing guidance and support to students through the first two years of college
  • Demonstrating new ways of integrating levels of schooling to better serve the intellectual and developmental needs of young people

Kate Westrich

Written by: Kate Westrich

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