January 27, 2010

WaPo Recognizes National Journal Expert Education Blog

The National Journal Expert Education blog, featuring the nation’s leading innovative thinkers, was recently named one of the best education blogs of 2010 by respected Washington Post columnist Jay Matthews and blogger Valerie Strauss.   Matthews and Strauss called the National Journal Expert Education Blog “a well-rounded blog that presents a wide [range] of voice[s] on all aspects of education policy.” The weekly blog debates the future of American education and features three past and present secretaries of education, several members of Congress, and other national education thought leaders including Chad Wick, KnowledgeWorks CEO.

“Clearly, the roster of contributors assembled by the National Journal’s Eliza Krigman, is second to none, from Rod Paige, to Linda Darling-Hammond, to Chester Finn Jr.,” Wick said. “We may take different approaches in our commentary, but all of us have a common goal: to just ensure that our children have the best education possible in the United States.”

Guest post by Jeanne Bernish

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