September 19, 2008

For College Students, By College Students

Guest post by Eric Grant

The New York Times reports today about a new service started by a recent college graduate that crowd-sources information about colleges and universities – from the students at those schools – as a guide for prospective applicants:

The beauty part is that Unigo has not only declined to enlist the colleges’ help with this “national grass-roots movement,” as Goldman likes to refer to it, but the company has also kept it a secret from them. Unigo started soliciting input directly from students (under a kind of Internet alias, “”) almost a year ago, and to date it has received more than 30,000 individual bits of content — primarily reviews in the form of responses to an essay-based questionnaire, but also photos, videos, uploaded writing samples, etc. — all before publicly unveiling the site or even the real name.

[Author’s Note: embedded links in the quote added by me, not the New York Times]

This is a great example of the use of networks to solve a market need, and demonstrates the power of Networking IQ and today’s Media-Savvy Youth.

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