Competency Education

Putting students at the center

A personalized learning model, like competency education, flips the traditional school model on its head and puts each student at the center.

Educators have always tried to do their best to support the needs of every child. But most traditional, time-based school systems move students through lessons and grade levels, even if they only understand 60 percent of the materials.

Year after year, this creates growing gaps in knowledge. And with real-life challenges and unique learning needs, some students start out behind others, making it even harder for them to reach academic standards before they move on to the next lesson or grade level.

Competency-based education, sometimes called proficiency- based, mastery or standards-based, works to:

  • Allow students to master each set of skills and learning objectives before moving on to the next level.
  • Empower teachers to build their desired culture and vision in the classroom to facilitate learning and prepare students for success.
  • Build a transparent learning environment that provides a shared understanding between students, parents and educators.
  • Provides a common set of clear learning targets and goals so students know what they need to do to succeed throughout their K-12 education.
  • Offers meaningful ways to assess progress, allowing students to demonstrate how and what they’ve learned.
  • Ensure all students are college- and career-ready with world-class knowledge and skills to compete in the workforce.

With competency education, every student is challenged to grow beyond their learning targets, and every student succeeds.

What it looks like for students

What it looks like for teachers

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