Our Results

With a goal of helping all students be prepared for college and career, how do we measure success?
At KnowledgeWorks, we are committed to seeking out evidence about what works and what does not – judging our efforts against standardized data that provide national benchmarks as well as through real-time tools that constantly assess progress.
KnowledgeWorks’ innovative schools and communities have achieved success that can be measured with any number of metrics – from increased graduation rates to dramatic decreases in the achievement gap. But our work only matters if students engage with learning. Connect the dots. Achieve more. Our approaches successfully equip students with critical thinking and problem-solving skills that allow them to conquer any challenge.
Numbers tell the rest of the story. Take a look at some of our results:
The innovative high school models in the EDWorks portfolio – including redesigned small schools, STEM schools and early college high schools – are turning around not just schools, but also lives. Students are outpacing expectations by scoring higher on state tests and narrowing the gap between minority students and their classmates. They’re also getting a head start on college.
A group of aligned, cross-sector community leaders have established a disciplined cycle of analysis, benchmarking, improvement and innovation targeted at transforming education systems. StriveTogether shares best practices, highlights groundbreaking innovations and develops useful tools to improve education for every child, cradle to career. The network provides a forum where member communities are able to access experience and knowledge from other sites to move their work faster.

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