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Our EDWorks subsidiary partners with public schools throughout the United States, offering the strategies, support, and technical assistance needed to improve high schools, and boost student achievement and opportunity. It was created based on the success of KnowledgeWorks’ Ohio High School Transformation Initiative (OHSTI), which had a positive impact on more than 50,000 students and trained more than 2,000 teachers in Ohio’s most challenging school districts.
Today, EDWorks is duplicating its Ohio success nationwide with its track record of increasing high school graduation rates, raising scores on standardized tests and decreasing the achievement gap between minority students and their classmates.
EDWorks Fast Track early college high schools are changing what it means to be a college student. These schools support students least likely to attend college, simply because of their circumstances, and put them into an atmosphere with high levels of support and expectations.
Leaders, teachers and administrators within EDWorks Fast Track high schools ensure students succeed in college by:
Using the “power of the place” (full integration with a two- or four-year institution) to motivate students to model successful college behavior and grasp higher expectations
Creating a seamless transition between high school and college
Motivating students to pursue higher education beyond high school by removing the mystery
Guiding and supporting students throughout their blended high school and college experiences
Creating innovative strategies to better serve the intellectual and developmental needs of underrepresented young people
Establishing a supportive and nurturing environment
The goal is for each EDWorks Fast Track student to earn a minimum of 60 hours of college credit during their four-year high school career.

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