Teaching in a Personalized Learning Environment

Our education system should put individual student needs at its foundation. read more about Teaching in a Personalized Learning Environment

Scaling Personalized Learning from a District Level

While federal and state policymakers can help build supportive policy environments for personalized learning, districts are closest to the schools, educators and students. Districts have the opportunity to set the vision for personalized learning while creating a culture that is supportive of building leadership and teachers as they work to pursue this vision.

To build and scale personalized learning environments, the right conditions are needed. While each community is distinct, the conditions for success are applicable across unique environments. read more about Scaling Personalized Learning from a District Level

Policy and Personalized Learning

Personalized learning is stuck in the school pilot phase. There are countless examples of personalized learning classrooms and schools from coast to coast, but we have yet to determine how best to scale successes. How do we move from isolated examples to whole systems designed around providing students with customized, individualized instruction? How do we build a school system with personalized learning at its core? read more about Policy and Personalized Learning

Key Policy Areas

Policy can – and should – be informed by practice. By turning to educators, principals and district leaders, we can enable policies that support and advance the work on the ground.

This is KnowledgeWorks’ approach to policy and advocacy. By focusing on innovative districts and their local work, we strive to support policies that allow flexibility and build supports to advance and scale personalized learning.

KnowledgeWorks currently focuses on two specific issues that  advance personalized learning through two specific, effective approaches. read more about Key Policy Areas

State Policy Work

KnowledgeWorks believes state leaders and policymakers play a critical role in helping school districts and schools build dynamic education systems where every student is challenged, and every student succeeds. With a presence in states across the country, KnowledgeWorks is focused on the following state policy goals: read more about State Policy Work

Federal Policy Work

KnowledgeWorks believes the federal government is a critical partner in helping state and local innovators build dynamic education systems where every student is challenged, and every student succeeds. Our organization has a dedicated presence in Washington, D.C., and works closely with federal policymakers to support local innovation by adopting new policies that support personalized learning, removing policy barriers that make it challenging to innovate, and committing federal resources to support next generation approaches to teaching and learning.   read more about Federal Policy Work

Early College High School Policy

Early college high schools are a proven approach to teaching and learning that enable students to earn up to 60 college credits and an associate degree upon graduation from high school. read more about Early College High School Policy

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