Take Action In Your Community

Support the success of every child from cradle to career

For decades communities have worked to improve student achievement through a piecemeal set of reforms and siloed set of systems and programs. These efforts have not led to the desired improvements in student achievement, calling for a dramatically different means of supporting student success.

Our collective impact model, StriveTogether, brings proven expertise, effective resources and a nationally-recognized collective impact approach that enables communities to create local education ecosystems to support children and youth from cradle to career.

This approach helps align existing resources to increase impact by using data to determine what works best for children. We support communities in developing shared outcomes and indicators of success to use across programs and systems, identifying promising practices and allowing for meaningful dialogue about local disparities and solutions to close achievement gaps.

Communities implementing the StriveTogether framework have seen improvements in kindergarten readiness, standardized test results and college retention.

Build a cradle to career partnership with StriveTogether OR work with KnowledgesWorks to advocate for policy change in your community.


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